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Displaying the Following Year in a Word Document

Question asked on December 29, 2008 10:11 PM :: :: Comments (0) :: TrackBacks (0)

Although not as powerful as using a VBA macro, Microsoft Word fields are quite powerful on their own, without the security worries of using a macro.

In your case, as you have discovered, it is quite easy to display the current year. The field code to show the current year only would be:

{ DATE \@ "yyyy" \* MERGEFORMAT }

In order to increment the result from the DATE field, you have to nest that result into another field. You end up with one field serving as a parameter for another field.

To get the following year, use the SUM field with the result of DATE field as one of its parameters. The final code will look like this:

{ =SUM({ DATE \@ "yyyy" \* MERGEFORMAT }, 1) }

Word uses the F9 key, in conjunction with the shift, Alt, and CTRL keys, to work with fields.

Key Function
F9 Update fields
Shift+F9 Toggle this field only
CTRL+F9 Add field
Alt+F9 Toggle all fields
    To insert the nest fields, follow these steps:
  1. Press CTRL+F9 to insert a new field (Word inserts the curly braces for you to indicate you are creating a field)
  2. Type =SUM(,1)
  3. Press your left arrow key three times to place your cursor in front of the comma and press CTRL+F9 to insert a nest field
  4. Type DATE \@ "yyyy" \* MERGEFORMAT
  5. Press F9 to update the fields
  6. Press Alt+F9 to toggle the fields to show results


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