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Library Comments Wanted for St. Bernard Parish

Question asked on January 21, 2007 10:11 PM :: :: Comments (0) :: TrackBacks (1)

Representatives from the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund and the Americans for Libraries Council will begin working with the St. Bernard Parish Library in February 2007. The Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund is helping libraries devastated by Hurricane Katrina with the "brick and mortar" phase of library restoration.

Officials from both groups recognize the important role public libraries played in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Public libraries provided invaluable services to displaced residents by means of free internet access, free gathering areas, information centers and community support. Without these services many hurricane victims would have had no way to communicate with loved ones, file FEMA and SBA applications, check on the status of various applications and seek information regarding their hometowns.

As part of this process, St. Bernard Parish Library staff members are working with representatives of the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund and the Americans for Libraries Council by collecting materials to be included in the 'St. Bernard Parish Library Book."

Staff members are asking library patrons to put in writing their responses to two questions. Those questions are "What does your library mean to you?" and "What would you like to see in your new library?" Patrons who submit letters are asked to provide current contact information should their responses be chosen to be included in the library's book. Parish residents interested in helping can send their letters to the following address or type them into the following web form:

St. Bernard Parish Library
C/O Janet Perez
P.O. Box 783
Violet LA 70092

Once the St. Bernard Parish Library Book is completed, it will be used as a tool and information source for groups and individuals interested in aiding the parish's library in its rebuilding process. St. Bernard Parish Library staff members hope that many of its patrons will submit letters of support. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, the library served its patrons by providing reading materials, free internet access, storytimes, afterschool programs, adult programs, reference materials and assistance, meeting space, and community resources and they are anxious to be able to provide these types of services again.

Phone Number
Street Address
What does your library mean to you?
What would you like to see in your new library?

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