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Opt Out of Murphy Oil Class Action Suit

Question asked on February 1, 2006 10:42 PM :: :: Comments (0) :: TrackBacks (1)

On Monday, January 30, Judge Eldon Fallon certified the law suit against Murphy Oil as a class-action. Using an area that is larger than what Murphy Oil is claiming, yet smaller than what the plaintiffs are claiming, Judge Fallon has reserved the right to make the area larger or smaller.

After the initial assessments of the spill were done, Murphy Oil began contacting local home owners and offering them settlements in lieu of going through a law suit. Judge Fallon's orders, certifying the class, have placed a temporary hold on those settlements.

If you are a home owner that wants to settle with Murphy Oil rather than remain a member of the class you will have to wait. Both sides must get together and create a form that will explain the pro's and con's of staying in or out of the class. This form then needs to be approved by Judge Fallon before Murphy Oil can resume making any private settlements.

You will also have to with draw from the class if you want to pursue your own private lawsuit against Murphy Oil.

If you have already settled with Murphy Oil and have any questions about their clean-up of your property, this ruling does not effect you in any manner.


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