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Are Snoball's really that great?

Question asked on July 21, 2005 9:30 PM :: :: TrackBacks (1)

Absolutely! Nothing beats the heat and humidity of New Orleans like a Snoball!

For those who haven't experienced a New Orleans style Snoball let me just say that they are like snocones, only better. The difference between the two is that a snocone is made of crushed ice. Anyone can make a snocone by putting ice in their blender.

Snoballs on the other hand are made from finely shaved ice. The ice is so fine that it literally resembles real snow. Pour on your favorite flavoring, which gets absorbed by the ice and you've got a cool, frosty treat that is just right in the middle of summer.

Who makes the best Snoballs? Well, that all depends on what neighborhood you live. Everyone has their own personal favorite, which is usually just around the corner from where they live.

My favorite is Frosty's Snoball's on E. Judge Perez Dr. next to Beau's. They make the best sour apple in all of St. Bernard Parish.

Want to show your appreciation for the effort I've put into answering your questions? Then buy me a Snoball! Even better, but the whole family a Snoball for putting up with me at the keyboard so much. I'll even list your name and website as a donor!


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