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Help! I can't locate my son's immunization records.

Help! I can't locate my son's immunization records.

He went to live with his father in Chicago and I gave him all my son's information, now he is with me and neither his father, nor the school's he attended in Chicago can locate his records. When he was with me we lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I called Wisconsin and could not get any info, we now live in New Jersey and I am trying to get him in school and that is the hold up.

Please help,

Question asked on October 30, 2006 at :24 PM :: Comments to date: 0

Does Your Brain Take Naps?

Is the brain more active when sleeping or watching television?

Also, when glass breaks, how fast are the cracks?

I have answers to both of these but some are doubting me...the first one is sleeping and the second one is 5,000 km an hour.


Question asked on July 3, 2006 at :29 PM :: Comments to date: 0

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