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July 10, 2006

Is my house on the blighted property list?

The St. Bernard Parish Council has published a list of houses and business buildings it is considering as being blighted after Hurricane Katrina. The owners of these structures have not given any indication to parish officials that they will gut or demolish these buildings.

If the owners do not tell the parish what their plans are, the parish will take the needed legal steps to have the building demolished.

You can search for properties that are being marked as blighted using the search form below.

Number Street Name Community

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July 4, 2006

Outlook 2007 Search Bar Shortcuts

Microsoft has greatly expanded the Search Bar capabilities in Outlook 2007 from what was introduced in Outlook 2003.

When you type a search term into the Search Bar, Outlook searches the four main fields of an email message, the subject line, To field, From field, and the body of the message itself. You can quickly limit your search to one of these fields by typing the field name followed by a colon in front of your search term.

To search for all emails from me, you would enter


If you need to search for two or more words then you need to enclose the phrase inside of parentheses, ie:

from:(westley annis)

As you may have noticed from the examples, case does not matter when searching, so Westley is the same as westley.

To search multiple fields, separate the next field name with a space and follow the same format.

from:westley body:(microsoft outlook)

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July 3, 2006

Does Your Brain Take Naps?

The brain is almost like the Energizer bunny, it keeps going and going and going. The only difference is the "speed" at which it is going.

Since I felt your answer was only half-right, I demurred to Dr. Eric Chudler, Neuroscience researcher at the University of Washington.

According to Dr. Chudler, "The brain is active to different degrees, in different areas, depending on what is being done. Sleep is not a uniform process; rather during sleep, the brain is active in different places in different amounts, depending on what stage of sleep is going on. Similarly, a person watching TV may be paying close attention and being engaged in the program or perhaps not paying any attention to the show at all. These variable will influence how the brain is active and where this activity is taking place."

As for how fast glass cracks, that is another variable answer. It will depend upon the size of the glass and how much force is being exerted upon it.

Although it has not been proven in any lab, you could use a rough formula of F=ma, where F equals force, m equals mass, and a equals acceleration. Given the mass of the glass and the amount of force needed to cause it to crack, you can solve for the acceleration,or speed of the crack.

Visit XGenStudios for more information on this formula.

I'd like to thank Dr. Eric Chudler from the University of Washington for his assitance in answering the first question.

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