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December 15, 2005

Missing Boats

The La. Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has established a web site to help boat owners to search for boats that were lost as a result of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The Web address is http://www.wlf.state.la.us/boatlookup/boatlookup1.asp

It allows the public to access information on all recreational and commercial vessels located and reported to the department by LDWF Enforcement Division agents, insurance companies, private citizens and
others involved in recovery and removal of displaced boats. The site is updated daily as information on boats is received.

People who find boats that appear to be displaced can report them to the department's boat registration section by calling 225-765-2898 for inclusion in the database.

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December 6, 2005

Rebuilding St. Bernard Parish

In typical St. Bernard Parish fashion, neighbors are helping neighbors, although in this case, those neighbors may be hundreds of miles apart.

Since Hurricane Katrina first swept through St. Bernard Parish and the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast, many residents have been keeping up with each other and their local officials through emails that automatically gets distributed to over 600 St. Bernard residents. Now that someple are returning to their jobs, if not their homes, they don't always have access to their email accounts.

To help those people who cannot access the messages through email or just prefer to read the messages from a web site, the most recent messages are now posted to the here.

If you would like a free subscription so you can have the messages delivered straight into your inbox, you can sign up for it here.

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December 1, 2005

Letters From Santa

Everyone likes to receive mail, especially kids.

As my way of helping out this holiday season, I'm offering Letters From Santa, for cost, which means you could get them for free!

You probably seen other web sites or have even received some spam offer you a letter from Santa for your child for $5.00 or even more! Through my service, your child can receive two letters from Santa, spaced about two weeks apart.

  • Received the letters via email in PDF format for you to print yourself.
  • I print and mail the letters to your child. The envelope will have a Louisiana postmark.
  • I print and mail the letters to your child. The first letter will have a Louisiana postmark and the second one will be from North Pole, Alaska.
  • The letters in PDF format are free. Just fill in the form below, select PDF and I'll send the letters to you within a couple of days.

    The letters from Louisiana require the purchase of paper, envelopes, and postage. Fill out the form, select Louisiana and I will email you an invoice to submit payment via PayPal for $2.50.

    The letter from the North Pole requires that I first send the letter to North Pole, Alaska so they can be processed by the North Pole post office. Fill out the form, select North Pole and i will email you an invoice to submit payment via PayPal for $3.50.

    The deadline for letters from the North Pole is December 15, 2005.

    The letters look similar to the graphic below, although I cannot guarrantee that the paper stock will be exactly the same.

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