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October 2, 2005

What is the easiest way to create an online photo album?

What seems to be the easiest way to create an online photo album is through a new service from Yahoo called flickr. You can use your browser to upload photos to the service. Or, even easier, you can download a small program that allows you to simply right-click on any photo saved on your hard drive and upload it automatically.

To organize your photo's, you can place them into different sets that you create (free accounts are limited to three sets). You can also give each photo several different tags, which allows people to find your photos when they enter different search terms.

Yahoo is constantly adding new features to flickr, including the ability to add photos from your camera phone or email.

This link is to photos that I've uploaded to my flickr account:

Yahoo has an extensive help system available, which can be viewed here:

Although flickr is free, there are some limitations. You can purchase a Pro account for $24.95 annually to remove these restrictions.

To get to flickr, goto:

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