Computer geek, and self-appointed know-it-all, Westley Annis answers all those hard 

questions about anything related to computers and technology, as well as business and 

political questions.

I've been wondering...

Ask Westley!

Have a technical question about computers, networking, programming, surfing the Web? What about a general question on business or politics? Well then, ask away! I'm always ready to help people out with whatever question is bugging them.

Now, I do have to tell you that I get lots of questions and can't always answer them all. I do read every question, but I cannot promise that I will answer everyone or that you will even get an acknowlegement from me. Normally, it can take a couple of weeks for me to answer a question due to the backlog of questions and other projects that I have on plate.

How do I pick which questions to answer? There are no hard and fast rules, this isn't science, but the general guidelines are those that are interesting, beneficial to the most people, or simply those that are the best asked questions.

You can write as much as you like for your question. For technical questions, please add as much detail as possible so that I can fully understand the problem.

Note: by submitting a question or comment to Ask Westley! you relinquish any rights of ownership of your question and agree that I can rephrase, reword, modify, correct or repurpose your material without limitation or constraint.

Ask Westley your question on technology, business, or politics!
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